Monday, October 4, 2010

A week in the life

Just a few little moments to note of varied randomness:
  • Worked out at the club only to be paged once I was good and sweaty -- mid work out. Went to the child care center to find the manager horrified that Ainsley, who was wearing a dress, had taken her own Pamper off and was letting her sweet little cheeks fly in the breeze.
  • Feigned shock and did not reveal that anybody who lives here knows the girl is a self-proclaimed nudist. Replaced Pamper and returned to work out.
  • Heard myself paged again. Returned to child center to find she had filled the brand new Pamper to the gills and needed a change.
  • Change her again and cut my losses... head straight to the shower.
  • Went to the market at 9:30 pm and glance at O magazine while waiting to check out. Read her urging us all to "Own Your Power." Know I don't have any power aside from what's God given and realize I could use a little surge right about now.
  • Proudly noted that Ainsley ate an entire kosher beef hot dog without me having to cut it up for her.
  • Later found it on the floor gnawed into like a corn cob.
  • Smiled 'til it hurt when I heard Emie sing from the backseat tonight, with the window rolled all the way down, "I love everything -- and Jesus love it too" The girl's onto something there in her little soulful tune. He do love everything :) 'cept sin, a course.
  • Got chill bumps all over when an expectant friend told me today she heard her baby's heartbeat for the first time. It just doesn't get much better than that.

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