Friday, August 26, 2011

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Leo Tolstoy

Our journey toward making the biggest change for our family so far - a change of address

Oh, little blog how I've missed you! So much time has passed but we press on. I'm inclined to want to recap every little thing that's happened since I last wrote which I know is entirely impossible and is precisely why I've waited until now to even try. Never have six months been so full or so blessed for us.

What a season we're in! When I wrote last (in February!) Dirk was being heavily pursued by several head-hunters for positions all across the country. It was a good time to be a state testing director! Opportunities for our family seemed to abound yet all I wanted to do was sit nice and tight in the comfort of the familiar. In the early days of the process the idea of picking up and going to a new part of the country sounded romantic and exciting. But when the job possibilities started to transition into job offers my feet became increasingly chilly. Turns out I'd become wildly at home in good old Minnesota. Even though it took me such a long time to really settle in, make peace with winter, and connect deeply with true friends - there I was snug as a bug in our little well-oiled life. When...Bam! Time to let go of what had become familiar, tried and true, home.

Dirk was really challenging himself and had been learning so much about how we so often choose the easy way because in the end we worship comfort more than we worship God. It was an odd switch of roles to have him ready to parachute into the clouds while I wanted to retreat under the covers. Yet the nudges to move on got a little stronger and the promptings a little more obvious until it was altogether undeniable that God wanted us to move, to New England in particular.