Saturday, April 7, 2012

I started this post weeks and weeks ago and it never made it out of the draft folder for your viewing pleasure. Thought I'd best get it out there so I could write what's really been on my mind lately. I actually left town A L L A L O N E or at least without my family peeps so of course that means I used my brain in a whole new way and have new things to share. Prepare to be amazed. (smile)

So now in re-reading this post it all this time later it sure does seem tinged with cynicism over school functions. Posting any old way because anyone who knows me knows that I am the eternal optimist and ever find (or at least look really really hard) for the best in everyone. Anyway - don't hate - these events range from inane musings (our dinner menu) to the perils of Fairy Tales (which okay, is also an inane musing) so there really isn't any range at all. But it's what I have for today and I want to get something out there so I can be cleared to keep this puppy semi-current and share some more another day. So much to be thankful for. So here's what's been happening lately...

Oh my Gracious~

So behind here that a highlight reel may be in order. The days have been so full.

Over the past many few weeks I:

Attended the Fairy Tale Ball at Emie's school.

This event was solely for the Kinder students and each was asked to dress as a fairy tale character. Neighborhood moms of boys explained to me why this was a rather big hoop to jump for their little loves. For us, not so much. Fairytale costumes we have. Each student's name was called over the PA in the cafeteria as they walked across the stage. After the last name was read they were fed sugary juice pouches and muffins and all mayhem ensued. It was the end of the day which is also known as Martini time for we moms. Just keeping it real here. After they've been going strong since 6:30 that morning there just isn't much left to give by 2:00 pm. But alas, this is the very hour when the "Let's get this Party Started" tunes started cranking out at ridunkulous decibel levels for all to enjoy endure. Nowhere to be heard were the lyrics: "A dream is a wish your heart makes." Instead kids were whipping each other around the room until one boy was catapulted into the linoleum - head first. Screams, tears, and louder music followed. At least it seemed louder everywhere at that point. Soon many of the little fairy princesses joined in the sob-fest because they were not part of the whiplash inducing conga line or circle dances forming exclusively throughout the room. One of those fairy princesses may or may not have been my very own first born. Yes, let's let them learn what being a wallflower feels like at the age of six. We left as early as I could manage and walked through the pouring rain (umbrella-less) to our car parked on the other side of the world. I do love may babies and yes, that picture was taken before she imbibed the sucrose and heard the music pound. Weeee....