Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tangled Up and Two

Well I've never been one to buy into the "terrible twos" moniker for the toddlers among us - baffling though the age may be. Sometimes their emotions just seem so much bigger than they are and life is just bewildering. Today was such a day for Ainsley and me too for that matter. Neither of us could put our finger on it but we both just felt kind of tangled up inside.

Ainsley just wanted to be in my arms, rocked for that matter under our new (and fabulous!) sherpa blanket. Emie tried to get in on it as well but precious Ainsley just wasn't up for sharing me at that moment, "Go!" she said to her sister with not a drop of softness. We settled on having Emie on the ottoman near to us which seemed to please Emie quite well and at least not rattle Ainsley any further. We sat this way a good long stretch - forgoing our plans to head to the health club. We just rocked and chatted and sat for a good bit.

It just seemed like what all of us needed. And to me, this is the very best part of setting the schedule for one's life as a mom - you get to decide the tenor of the day. And if it's not a day to rush -- then you just simply don't do it.

So we both seemed to hit our stride as the day wore on. Me after a good while in the Word and in prayer and she after a good nap. And then we were back to the routine of driving Emie to and from ballet and reading stories at bed. A different day. A good day. I'm grateful for the room in our world for the tangled up times. For the moments when just rushing everyone into the car just because it's what we always do doesn't have to be what we do today.

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