Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's a bug

So little Ainsley woke from her nap in the mood she's best known for: jubilant. As we came down the stairs from her room she paused and sat on a step - patting the space next to her for me to join. With no particular place to go I couldn't help but oblige her sweet request. We sat a couple of minutes while she looked down at her little top and happily remembered that there was a dear little puppy stitched on the front of it. She pointed to it and said "puppy," happy to know he was still there even after a long sleep.

But just a moment later everything in her expression changed. Her eyes filled with panic and her full lips closed awkwardly in a hurry. Now any mom knows this is recipe for disaster, but before I could connect all of the dots she was in full throttle upchuck mode. A big mess for both of us. The force of the moment scared her a good bit and she couldn't keep from crying. It startled me a bit too, truth be told. Nothing like going from chatter to scatter in a matter of seconds.

After a wildly quick and thorough cleaning we were both back in our positions to visit. This time on the floor in the living room. She seemed fine. Like it was just a fluke and maybe somehow bending over so far to see the puppy on her shirt was what had caused the upset. But in a few minutes all bets were off of my "she's not really sick" illusions. It was a bug - like it or not. She spent the better part of the evening sitting with her sweet little hand over her mouth hoping the Big Terrible wouldn't happen again. I mean, seriously. Who wants to throw up? It's pretty much the worst and how about if you're two and have no idea why this heinous fate is yours for the evening.

So I'm praying the precious girl sleeps it off and is back to her busy and beautiful self tomorrow. But I have to say that having her fall asleep in my arms for the first time since she was a wee peep was not at all lost on me. She's as precious as the day is long. And yes, the days are long.

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