Monday, March 11, 2013

So Glad You're Here and Good Night

It feels weird not to have written in such a while. I'd gotten into such a comfortable habit of cranking out posts every couple of days. But we've had company here for a full week so that just changes things. And it was the in-laws. And though I actually really like them - a novel concept and a rare gift I'm sure - it's still just different when you have extras in the house. Different in a good way. Like different as in I cooked real meals! I should back up to say that not only did I cook real meals, I planned for real meals like I'd never done before. I made lists, shopped, chopped and prepared to make Ina Garten blush. I held my own and it turns out it wasn't that painful and it saved a ton of hassle.

I had so many provisions around that it appeared my aim was to put everyone in a food coma. Part of a plot to sneak in a much needed nap. But the coma really wasn't necessary since my house guests were big nappers. Huge nappers. Like marathon nappers. Did I mention they like to take naps? Green with envy I am, that's all. But they're good at it. In fairness I should note that this is only because they really sleep poorly at night. Like they don't sleep at night much at all kind of poorly. It's a bit like having owls as house guests. Here's an example of their prowess for napping: Dirk was outside chatting in the afternoon with his dad a few times when he would notice him drift off to sleep mid-sentence only to wake up and pick up exactly where he left off in his conversation with Dirk. This is brilliant stuff here. Mad skills that would be wonderfully helpful during a boring meeting. Take a little snooze and then wake right up and say, "As I was saying..." and just never miss a beat. They're something these in-laws. In truth they lead really full and productive lives in their golden years. My mother-in-law's schedule makes me tired. She's on several boards, does all of the book keeping for her church's child care center, bakes from scratch, quilts, and keeps up with a wide circle of friends. About that nap...

We did wake them up long enough to show them the Alamo, the Riverwalk, a few authentic BBQ/honky-tonk type of joints and other Texas fare, Dirk's office (a mom likes to see these things), our church, and Emie's beloved Orange Leaf. They said they had a good time and we believe them. If getting away is about getting some rest and relaxation--well, mission accomplished indeed! Unfortunately we hosts still had the little people here wanting to try out their new in-line skates, and shoot hoops with their new basketball. So, no rest for the parentals. But we were really, really glad for their company. The in-laws and the little people for that matter.

It was just a treat to be with people with whom we have shared history. Others who know our stories and our people. We got to hear about family members and how they're all doing and also about new subjects such as the perils of cutlery in restaurants these days. Have you noticed that forks are not sharp enough to use in most eating establishments? Neither had I but if you ask my mother-in-law, she would tell you this is a big problem today. The forks out there aren't sharp enough to pierce the food on your plate. Makes you wonder if perhaps a lack of meat tenderizer is the true culprit but that's fodder for another visit. We'll be visiting them in June so we'll have something else to talk about.

The girls are on Spring Break this week and Dirk's heading out of town for work. Cleverly timed, husband, cleverly timed indeed. In any case, I don't imagine I'll have time for lots of posts but life's full of surprises.


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