Thursday, February 17, 2011

Many are the stars I see, but in my eye no star like thee...

Valentine's Day came and went and it did not disappoint. I think that's saying a lot since we often put a lot of pressure on one little day of the year to wow us like no other. I think I did plenty more of this when I was single, projecting my romantic visions everywhere I turned on February the 14th. Every couple shopping at Ralph's market was in full bliss in my mind's eye. Every man a Romeo. And everyone's plans more enviable than mine.

But now Valentine's Day is so much more to me than a day for romance. And maybe there's a wee bit of self-protection in that change of perception. Don't want to be disappointed when the limo isn't out front waiting for me with a nanny on her way to the door to take my job for the day. In any case Valentine's day to me is a day to celebrate the love in my life. And I have two little lovies in my home who like nothing more than a reason to have a celebration that actually focuses on the color pink. It doesn't get much better than that for them or for me either at this point in life.

Emie suggested we make a garland of ribbon to hang from our mantle. On it we would hang (with tiny pink clothespins) all of the Valentine cards we had received and made. It did turn out to be a most inspiring collection and a fun way to display all of the treasures. Em happily dressed in red (as per the Valentine Preschool Party requirement) and headed off to school.

While she was away Ainsley and I made lollipop cookies together. Well, she mostly helped to clean off the frosting from the beaters but it was a team effort all the same.

Once Dirk was home we happily enjoyed some Molly's salad (one of our faves!)

and the family favorite and color appropriate main course of angel hair pasta with spaghetti sauce. Yum!

Then Dirk pulled out his card for me at which time it dawned on me that I had not one piece of scrap dedicated to him. All of the hoopla for the girls and not anything for my hubs. I was especially glad at that moment for his Norwegian heritage, something I consider a great deal but not usually in terms of gratitude. Sorry Swedes and Finns but you know I speak truth when I say effusing with emotion just doesn't happen readily for you. that moment it was really good to know that muss and fuss just isn't in his DNA so the fact that I'd overlooked him hurt him not one wit. But for me, he came through big. In a beautifully counter-cultural moment the same heritage for which I had just expressed my thanks for its lack of swoon appeal was coming through beautifully for me.

A really lovely card that I knew was chosen at a store that carries items for sale above a 99 cent price tag. And better, still, a really dear message inside written just for me that I seriously want to hang in my closet and read each morning. Jackpot! But to top it off he also included a hefty gift card to our health club which thrills my heart. They have a beautiful spa which offers fantastic massage packages which are calling my name. Best deal: really wonderful child care is right down the hall waiting for my lovelies. Can't even wait. Nice going, Dirk. You're still my favorite Finlander.

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