Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Sister

Beautiful Emerson Hope~
The other day we were on our way into the health club - the three of us girls. It's what we do pretty much every day of the week and we're all the happier for it. Ainsley was glad to walk rather than be carried and I was trying to be happy with this arrangement as well even though it means we are eating the dust of snails. Of course I'm delighted to carry her anywhere at all since she's just a baby. People keep telling me it's not true but they don't see what I see. Anyway, she likes to walk holding my hand just like her big sister does.

So there we were making our way across the slushy parking lot. You could actually see asphalt which, since about November it's taken nothing short of spectacular faith to believe was really still there under inches upon inches of snow. Any old way... bare asphalt was visible on this particular day which meant so were many sloppy puddles. And somehow with the uneven surface and unfamiliar pavement the little lovely took a tumble. It wasn't terrible. But it was one of those both-knees-down-hands-out-in-front *splat* moments. Poor dearest. What came next was the sweetest surprise. Ainsley stood right up and started to brush the wet from her hands. Her pants were not only wet and dirty (fashion foul for choosing cream pants that day) but they were also torn in two places. When Emie saw this her eyes filled with tears straight away. She looked right at Ainsley and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Ainsley. We'll get you all cleaned up. It'll be okay. Mama'll change you when we're home." She just wanted nothing more than to make it all better for her. I sure had a proud mama's heart in that moment. Of course it was nothing I could take credit for. It's just so Emie. Her heart of compassion for others is such a beautiful thing to see.

Ainsley settled right into Emie's care and concern and was smiling and happy within a moment. She didn't seem a bit bothered by her tattered clothes and I wasn't the least bit embarrassed to be sending the lovely into child care in dirty torn clothes. Okay, well I did explain that she'd had a tumble outside but I knew that those torn clothes were nothing but a reminder of her big sister's great love for her. I hope they'll always love one another well. Even before Ainsley was born I prayed that my two kids would be exceptionally close. And now that they're both here and they're both girls I'm especially vigilant in my prayers that they'll speak encouragement over one another before ever thinking to point out shortcomings. I'm not about to buy into the notion that sibling rivalry is a non-negotiable. That meanness and cattiness between girls is just how it is. Of course there isn't a beautiful soundtrack playing behind each and every one of their interactions but for the very most part they are so lovely one to another.

If ever I don't know what the matter is with Ainsley I know exactly what to do: ask Emie. She almost always knows. Even today I asked her what it seemed was upsetting Ainsley in her little car seat behind me. Emie said that Ainsley didn't want the sticker that someone put on her jacket. As soon as I reached around and took it off she was quiet as a mouse.

May they always know just what would delight the other's heart and be the first to extend that blessing.

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