Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love in the Brew Pub

So we went out for lunch last weekend to a fun little brew pub in Saint Paul. Isn't that where preschoolers need to be on a Saturday? Well, we were downtown for a little Scottish festival that was just that: little. So when we'd seen all there was to see we came across this cute little place and thought we'd pop in for a bite.

The girls were giddy as well, girls and were so happy to be in a restaurant. Emie did not fall far from the tree and loves being served in a restaurant as much as I do. So there we were waiting for our meals and Ainsley breaks into spontaneous hugs for her sister. It wasn't just one either. It was one after the other until they both dissolved in a fit of giggles. I'm pretty sure my heart went heavenward at least for a moment or two. It just did me such good to see Ainsley love Emie back so gently and intentionally. She loves her sister. There's no doubt. Follows her like a shadow or the most loyal puppy and very much wants to mirror Emie's every move. But she isn't always so genteel in her expression of affection in her little two year old way. Emie puts up with a lot of pushing and prodding as Ainsley learns how to join in on things without hip-checking her sibling in the process. So to see her initiate a hug and not want to let go was just pure delight.

I was so happy I had my camera with me to commemorate the moment. They love each other so much, these two. I want to help them remember how early this bond started. How much they looked out for one another and looked up to one another even when they were mere babes.

I'll close with my new favorite picture of the Ainsley love. It's just her for a hundred different reasons. I love that Emie's sweet legs are in the background beneath her princess dress up clothes.

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