Monday, July 12, 2010

Gettin' the job done

I never thought I was a control freak - still don't actually. But it's fair to say that I like a fair amount of control where the care of my little lambs are concerned. Reasonable, say you - thank you - until you learn that this control extends even into the realm of the precious girls' daddy. I know, I know. But I do like it the way I like it.

He knows that I have a system that makes this ship sail smoothly and he's awfully good about following orders even when I'm gone. (smile). He knows that cute really is a non-negotiable where clothing and hair accessories are concerned and the rest is of his choosing once we know the girls are out of danger and covered in love. Always are when he's around - lover of the girls that he is.

So you'll understand why, after being gone for a mere 52 minutes yesterday afternoon, I walked in to find this reality and could not help but bust out laughing. Ainsley, known to remove her Pamper on any whim, would walk around "nakie" all the day long if anyone let her. Hub had tired quite quickly of refastening the thing around her precious hips several times in my short absence. So, in his male ingenuity, he came up with a fool-proof solution. Duct tape. This picture will never do it justice, ever. But it's a moment permanently etched in my brain for always. A daddy getting the job done - with love, and care, and even a little cute (note the headband). It's not perfect but I'm just sayin'...

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