Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sleeping Beauty~

Precious Emie is so often mistaken for a girl much older than almost five that the expectations often follow right along. This can be a heavy load to bear but Emerson Hope never was one to slight a challenge. But as her mamma, I've got her back like nobody's business in this and every other area. So maybe that's one of the reasons that this picture just slays me. She looks like a mere babe in her bed (which she is, after all) - hair tousled like a doll's. To say she's beautiful just isn't enough. It's like saying birds fly, grass is green, sky is blue... it's just part of God's goodness. He decided to not only give me two miracle children but make sure they were gorgeous beyond containment just for good measure. Much more God that He is.

I've been praising the Lord for Em's maturity, for her ability to understand my expectations and (glory be) meet and exceed them so much of the time. But my favorite part of this stage is that I don't have to chase her down. It just doesn't seem that long ago that my firstborn, exploding with enthusiastic energy and happiness was on the run all the day long. Yes, I'm prone to exaggeration when it comes to my peeps like the rest of you are - but suffice it to say - this girl runs like a gazelle. So to have her at an age where she understands boundaries and rules and still run with wild happiness but I don't have to hightail it after her to keep her from the street, heights, and all manner of heart-stopping activity is enough to make me weep with joy. That is if I weren't so tired from chasing Ainsley love instead.

For those bored with interval training, elliptical workouts, and spin classes - meet the most adorable little high intensity cardio trainer ever to run across this green earth: Ainsley Grace. She is precious as the day is long... and the day is long! But the years do fly. I can't believe she'll be two in a matter of months. It is impossible to understand the concept of time. Some days seem to never end - even in the surroundings of miraculously conceived lamb-girls a mamma gets weary. Yet somehow the minutes turn to hours, days, weeks, and before I know it I'm hearing our beloved pediatrician utter the words no mother of a toddler wants to hear, "It's time to give up the crib." Please, no. Anything else: spinning classes, boot camp, ultra-marathons. But alas, the time has come for my fearless climber to be saved from herself. She has already hopped out of the crib three times with notable dexterity. Landed on her feet and everything. But darling Dr. McCarthy reminded me that she is not yet a master of her own little destiny in the crib-escaping world of climbers. She could fall and he's seen some pretty nasty injuries that resulted. So... this weekend hub and I are going to dismantle the darling little Jenny Lind and empty out her perfectly lovely room. All that will remain are the sweet pictures on the walls and her little mattress on the floor - baby cave bare. Hope she likes it and knows she's not in any trouble ;)

Thanks blog world for taking a look. I have designs on a darling little blog for us but it's only in my head in the moment. So, for now we'll let Blogger host and will make things lovely in due time.

Big love,


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