Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So I was out the other evening for a bit and Dirk was hanging out with the girls. I came home just as he was leaving Emie's room after putting her to bed. He told me she'd been asking about me and thought she'd be especially pleased if I went in to bid her goodnight myself. I walked into her room to find her snug under her quilt happily whispering, "Mommy!" to me as I walked toward her. After kissing her head and cheeks and nose a number of times she asked "Would you like to sleep in here with me?"

I told her that I wanted to be sure she'd get plenty of rest because the next day was a fun playdate with friends so I'd have to decline. She graciously said, "Okay - and I'm sure daddy will be so happy to see you." Now if that just isn't too precious for words than I'm not quite sure what is. Not only did she accept my no without one bit of fuss but she went on to exclaim just how much her not getting what she'd hoped for would bless her daddy all the more.

She's nearly five so we have our moments where we're both exhausted beyond measure...but she gets it right so much of the time. I love the lesson for me: God's "no" always means there's a bigger and better yes coming and it might just allow me the opportunity to be available to bless someone else in the process of accepting His plans instead of demanding my own.

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