Wednesday, August 21, 2013

We've been on a bit of a watch around here lately. Sure the whole world was waiting for the Royal birth. Would Kate have a boy or girl? Would she wear skinny jeans out of hospital on her way home with baby? Don't we love that the Brits say "hospital" instead of "the hospital"? No need for extras for them. Except of course if we're talking about the future King and then bring on the fluff and pomp. Anyway...I obviously saw something shiny and forgot what I was typing.

I wanted to say that we've been on our own watch here in our home. Waiting for Emerson's second grade teacher to call and introduce themselves. Maybe not as newsworthy on a global scale but big stuff here for the resident eight year old. The bated breath wasn't really for the answer to the question of who the teacher would be as much as it was who else would be in the class. Emie's braved three separate elementary schools in her short tenure as a student and I was so hoping she'd be in class with the two little friends with whom she is closest here in Texas.

The much anticipated call came last night and Mrs. S introduced herself to me over the phone. She sounded great. Energetic and kind and already asking if Emerson wanted to go by Emerson or Emie complementing her name all the while. I liked her. Before I had even hung up the phone I could hear my cell buzzing with a text. Both moms of her friends were texting to say their kids were not with Mrs. S.

My heart sank. I know this isn't the perils that royals deal with or a global catastrophe, but my heart broke for Emerson that she'd be starting over again this year with a clean slate in the friend arena. I ponied up and prepared to have "the talk" with her. I told her that I had received a call from her teacher that evening. "Oh, I hope, I hope that Ines is with me!" she beamed. I felt myself grow a little warmer as I carried on, prolonging the inevitable. She sounds so nice, I went on, "Her name is Mrs. S!" "Oh, I've seen her before", Emie said. I knew I could skirt no longer and had to just throw it out there for her so I stared the little love right in the eyes and said, "Ines and Charlie aren't in your class." She let out a tiny, almost imperceptible sigh, and then said, "Well, if our rooms are near to one another we'll go to recess at the same time and I can catch up with them there." She bounced out of the room and went back about her happy little life.

So there you have it. I neglected to follow my own favorite piece of advice, "Don't borrow trouble." I love that my firstborn girl reminded me that surprise plot twists almost always make for the best stories. May I do as well with my own story.

In other news, all of my talk of being awesome is nothing but folklore now. We are in the last few blocks of the marathon and sprinting is but a memory. We're walking with a bit of a limp but we're getting there. School starts in four days! The "no tech screen" window has shrunk more than a little and I may or may not have eaten all of the Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bars that Walgreens had in stock last night. Antioxidants, friends! And mental acuity, which by the likes of this post shows that I need to get my hands on some more of those puppies before sundown. Consider it done!

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