Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thirteen Years People

Dirk and I celebrated our thirteenth anniversary yesterday. Well we really celebrated the day before because that's when the babysitter was free - but yesterday marked thirteen years since our wedding day. It's kind of hard to believe that it's been that long since we hosted what we think is the funnest wedding ever thrown. But it was kind of about us so I suppose that's not a fair contest. But it was fun and even after all of these years later, there's nothing I'd have changed about it.

A barn wedding before barn weddings were a thing. I still remember the look on my dad's face when I told him I'd marry in a barn. He was not feeling the patina and character and vibe I had in my mind. And he saw it before it was set up. Before the old mattress laying on the floor and dirt had been swept out of the place. But I knew it would be amazing. I just didn't know how amazing. And so has the theme of our union been. I knew I was getting a great deal that day. I just didn't know how great a deal it would turn out to be. God picked the best partner for me. He's not the best in the world nor am I. But we are this - the best for one another. I've never been one to say "He's my everything. My soul mate. The best husband in the world." Because you know what - no mere mortal is all of those things every moment of the day. Don't tell Facebook I said so since it screams the opposite from loquacious members everywhere. But seriously people, it's not about being the most amazing person in the entire solar system. It's about being amazing to my man. To my kids. Just bloom right here. Big love blooming like wild right under our roof. That's my charge. May I do it well.

So rather than mush crazy over my man I will say this-- God led me to a really good man. There's no one I'd rather be partnered with in the twists and turns that make up a full life. I'm sticking with this one come rain or come shine. Blessed, grateful, and since it's our thirteenth - Lucky!

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