Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On Wednesday and a Parenting Milestone

It's something she's been asking to have for years. But I just didn't know if she was ready, if I was ready. I mean there are probably debates on every side of the issue as to what age is appropriate for such a thing but, at the end of the day,  it's something one has to decide for themselves. So, before school started this year, I gave in to her request. She seemed so happy with the decision that I couldn't help but celebrate with her even though I was unsure if either of us was ready for such a vow. 

I'm sure by now you've figured out what I'm talking about: 

Days of the Week Panties. 

As I suspected, now that they are a part of our lives, my fears are confirmed that I am absolutely not ready for this kind of commitment and preparation day after day. Though I aim to keep them washed and organized in some semblance of calendar order, still, I have to go all Christopher Columbus each night in her dresser in search of the next day's prescribed pair. And when I find them washed and ready, it's glorious. I mean I really do feel a sense of relief and celebration inside. I have braved a new world and made a timely discovery, which maybe is worth the price of the seven pack after all. 

So, without further ado, I welcome you into this world of goodness and present Wednesday to you on, yep, Wednesday. 

Cue the angel's song.

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  1. Such suspense leading up to an adorable reveal! Real life at it's best❤️

  2. You're so brave. I was just never able to commit to this. And I'd never sleep at night if I knew my child was wearing the wrong day! That just would never do. If I were you, I'd probably buy a secret second stash just in case of emergencies. :)

  3. Thanks, lovies! It did feel brave to take these garments on. I now know that I can do hard things. :)

    She does have a few pair that are more generic which read "BFF Day" or "Fun Day" which I have marketed hard on days when the calendar pair is at large. But it's a hard sell. What constitutes Fun Day when you're seven? Everyday, I say!


  4. To avoid the stress of last-minute laundry, just get two sets. That way at least one set would be clean. But for me, I'm always looking for ways to do less laundry around these parts.

  5. Cute! I wouldn't be able to commit without buying three sets. Just in case. You are brave. You can do hard things.