Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Winner Winner

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for a free copy of For the Love. A winner was randomly selected and....Winner, winner chicken dinner....

it's Debe W!!

Debe is a dear friend of mine who is officially no longer allowed to say "I never win anything." We once went to a home-show and on a lark all put our names in the hat for a free iPad mini. We kind of hesitated to even enter because who ever wins these things and then your name is forever on a mailing list as a "Potential Buyer," when that's not what we are. We are people who go to home-shows to get decorating ideas to copy ourselves at home with supplies we find in our recycling bin. But who gets the call that they've won the iPad? Miss Debe. Then a week later she enters a contest at a local fun eatery to win free food for a year. And who wins? Miss Debe. Food.for.a.year. So, though this contest was entirely random, I am not wildly surprised that Lady Luck was chosen to receive this great book. Sure, it's not an iPad mini, or food for a year at a fun restaurant, but it is something I know she'll really enjoy. Note to self: never bet against Debe.

I really would love for everyone to have a copy of this book. Today I was out getting some things at Costco and look what I found! $14 smackers for a hardcopy. Go and get it!

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