Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Donuts for Darlings

Summer birthdays mean not getting to bring treats to your classmates and postponed parties because everyone vacations on your big day. I realize these are First World problems, but when you're in the third grade, the struggle feels real.

Since today is exactly two months before this little dolly turns ten, it seemed the perfect time to break out the sugar-laden goodness and bring enough for the whole class. Em's teacher willingly agreed to let me come in this afternoon and celebrate my girl.

Sometimes the love I have for my children is just too big to contain. Sometimes the gratitude I have in my heart for motherhood is enough to bring me to my knees. Seeing Emerson's dimples deep with delight brought all of that today. This is the stuff of Fairy Tale childhoods and youthful dreams. But I'm pretty sure mine was the fullest heart in that classroom today. I dreamt of moments like this when motherhood was out of my reach. I knew I wanted to do things like this for children of my own, I just never could have imagined how much I'd love loving them.

After school Emerson went on to a year-end party for the Fitness Club she's been a part of so it was just me and the Ainsley love walking to the car and heading home. When I asked her how her day was she told me it was "Great!" I asked what was great about it and she told me that she got to eat her school lunch on a plastic plate. She explained what a coup this was because she'd seen the elusive plates before but had never had the opportunity to eat from one. I have no idea why this seemed like the prize to win, but it did to Ainsley. Usually the cafeteria serves their meals on the hard resin divided trays that you immediately picture when you hear the word "cafeteria". But today, the staff didn't have enough time to wash them all in preparation for the earliest diners (the Kinders) so, plastic plates it was.

I just love that baby girl's entire day was made because her chicken tenders were served on a Solo plate. Sorry, Earth, but this disposable goodness rocked this girl's world today.

How good is it to be six?

I love this picture of Ainsley taken on Halloween. This was, of course, before she decided to change her costume and be a cat doctor. Not a vet, but rather a cat who is a physician. This is a real thing when you're six. Anything is possible when you're six and most especially, when you're Ainsley.

A fine cat doctor she made beside her sister the Candy Corn Maiden. May they always find beautiful things to celebrate and may they always be little girls (at least in their hearts).

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