Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Driving Ainsley to school the other morning I hear her say from the backseat, "I don't know if I believe in Santa Claus." "Okay," I said. She went on to say that she just wasn't sure he was real. Then said, "But Mrs. Claus, yea, I believe in her." I said "Yea, she does seem pretty real with that red dress and those little glasses." "Yes," Ainsley agreed as if that was all the proof that was needed to ensure someone's existence. I added that we know Jesus is real so that's really all we need to know to celebrate Christmas. She said, "Yes, Jesus is the best gift." My heart swelled full as I noted that the little bird (in spite of her Christmas list already in full swing) got it. The meaning behind Christmas. And then she said "But those gifts from Santa are pretty good." Yes indeed. Yes they are baby girl.

Isn't that just it? The whole of the Christian life in one little pearl of wisdom from the one whose lived just five years on this green earth. I don't know why we felt the need to flesh out these big life questions about Christmas on October first. But I do know this: Jesus is the bomb. The best. The everything. But gifts from Santa are awesome, too.

Listen. I know Jesus didn't make Santa or Mrs. Claus, as believable as her springy white curls and little round spectacles make her seem. But for today I really don't mind that my little lovie thinks she's awesome. There's so much to be celebrated in this brief life. And so much to toss out. Every good gift is from Jesus after all even if Santa or Mrs. Claus is the one delivering it.

This is what I know: A new shirt can seriously make my day. A bargain priced fun throw pillow can change the color of my outlook for a good long while. So let's enjoy the gifts. Stop short of self-indulgence but not before doing the things that bring a little smile.

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