Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So Fun to Be Writing Again...

Feeling fit here in the south. I'm no Gabby Douglas but I have survived my first summer as a Texas resident. In the spirit of the Summer Olympics I do feel that's got to be worth a little something. Maybe not silver or even bronze but that's okay - I was thinking a medal made of solid ice would be great. A big icy medal of bravery and honor for making it through the ridiculous heat without complaining at all too much. I know, I know that it's not really over yet. Summer starts here in about February and runs through early December as near as I can tell. But once it's Back to School season and people start pinning pumpkin pie spiced martini recipes on Pinterest - it's autumn everywhere in the free world as far as I'm concerned.

It is my favorite season - autumn, that is. Growing up in Illinois I've nothing but fond memories of the first days of sweatshirt weather and walks down the sidewalk purposely aiming for the noisy crunch of dried fallen leaves. When I lived in California (a long way from autumn) my mom would send me pictures of their tree-lined streets aglow in orange, red, and yellow. A little glimpse of home. It's been said that autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Maybe that's why I like it so much. It looks like a new beginning when really it's an ending all along. Always was one for the silver lining any old way.

Back to school is a machine in our little world. The marketing for supplies and clothes seems to start earlier and earlier every year. Kind of like how Christmas decor now comes out right after Labor Day. The rush back to the big yellow school bus seems to be upon us somewhere around mid-June. But ready or not - it is indeed here "for real life" (as my Emie would say) and the little lamb is indeed back to school.

Emie embraced another change of schools with great anticipation and joy. She loved both of her other schools for different reasons and I was afraid she'd be missing either of them or comparing them all one with another. Comparison is the thief of joy after all and she seems to have learned this truth earlier than I did. For all of my angst about putting the little love through yet another change and wondering just how the school would be for her - it's been a lovely beginning all the way around.

We were ready for some routine and I'd spent way too much time considering what she'd eat for lunch each day and how cutely I could package it all. There's just something about new little containers that sets my heart to light.

I do rather love making her lunch each day. It's another chore to add to the list but I found that I enjoy finding fun ways to sneak in healthy things for her and love that she's much more apt to eat it in the cafeteria with the clock ticking than she would at home with so many other activities from which to choose over eating flower shaped cucumber slices.

But for all of the prep (and there was plenty) of school supply collection, the backpack selection, the clothes considerations I am challenged to do so much more. To prepare the girl's heart to love people well. This is the whole deal for me. All evidence in our world points otherwise be we know the truth: Sending our littles to school isn't really about learning what nouns are or how to complete a multiplication table. Yep we want them to learn something but more than anything I want to see my little bluebirds love up the world like nobody's business. To be brave and kind and secure in their loveliness. Emie and I have talked a good deal about looking for that little one. You know the one. The little who is a little different for one reason or another. The one who no one's talking to at lunch or asking to play at recess. Emie's charge -- to reach out. To love that little up one side and down the other. To bless with all of the blessing she's received.

Last year one of her little friends' moms told me something about my girl that made me more proud than any gifted placement or report card ever will. She said that some kids were picking on her little girl. Teasing her for being who she was (or who they thought she was). The mom told me that it was Emie who stood right up for the little. Who pointed out the strengths in her girl and told the others (in essence) not to hurt her with their words. Ahh, to be a champion of love for the littles out there. May we all (from Kindergarten to old age) do this so well. Soccer goals and reading contests are great but this is the reason we were given breath. To reflect the love of the One who gave us everything. So quickly go these moments - these chances to love others well. May I not miss a single one.

I blinked and a year passed me by after this photo was taken a year and 2100 miles ago of the love.

Oh the great mystery of time. Drags on and on during a Physics lecture and flies like the wind around the beauties in our world. And so goes the state of my heart in sending off the Ainsley love into the bright big world. Seems impossible to believe it's time already.

Baby girl was just born a few minutes ago. Dang that new math that has us all fooled into believing that she's been here four years. Whatevs. I know better. That baby was a dream in my belly like the day before yesterday.

And it wasn't all that long ago when I was Emie love's age. As the Chinese proverb says:

Live well. Love well. It's later than you think.

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  1. You are such a gifted writer. You should write a book!

    Love you forever!!

    Your favorite sister!!