Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year

First post of the year... twenty days in. As much as I love to write and love to mother I can't seem to find the time to do both. Or at least find the time to write about doing the other. In any I am.

Christmas seems like a long time ago. Sweet memories in my heart. The girls are at the ages where it's pure magic. Finding their stockings filled really is like looking at a burning bush to them...or something equally supernatural. They make me want to be young at heart. Make we want to believe. And I do, I am.

Last night I attended the local Kindergarten round-up. Time to send my precious Emie off to school. Sniff. I know I'll be a hot mess on the first day of school in the fall... missing her wildly. She's so ready and so excited so truly I shouldn't have an ounce of concern for myself. Once again, it's not about me. Dang it any old way. Our district only has a half day option - at least that's the only free option. There is a full day "experience" available for the cost of a decent used car. I'm actually considering it. There's an additional option where resident pupil goes a full day a couple of days a week and half days the remainder of the week...also for a fee. This is something I'm considering as well. I think the additional structure could do us all a world of good. We'll see what comes.

Ainsley will go to preschool as well two days a week. Crazy to imagine but indeed it's true. She's still my baby girl though her third birthday is seven months away. When people guess her age at three I'm quick to retort "She's only two." Don't grow my baby up too fast now. It happens fast enough without anyone's encouragement.

Yesterday Emie and I had this exchange which I found so endearing:

Em: Mommy, when I'm all bigger will I have babies?
Me: If you want them then I do hope God blesses you and you will.
Em: Oh, I want them!
Me: (Smile)
Em: But how will I know who to pick for the daddy?
Me: Well, that's the best part. You don't have to pick. God picks the daddy for you and sends you just the right person to be your husband. Just like he did with me and your daddy.
Em: But I think I'd like to pick Wyatt.
Me: I think that's a great choice. (smile)

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