Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birthday today~

It's my birthday today :) Which means that until Dirk gets home tonight the day's pretty much like any other. Emie's already attempted to argue her point that birthday cake always tastes best first thing in the morning. Shouldn't we just have it noooooooooooow and save daddy a little slice? Delayed gratification never did come naturally to a single soul.

So on this day of wishes I do sort of wonder just what to hope for the coming year. I do hope for more wisdom, more selfless love, more love for Jesus. But what about the fluffy wishes? Like that really cute blue sweater I saw at Anthropologie the other day or some fun curtains for the Family Room? I'm reminded of precious Ainsley who when asking for things often says, "Can I want this?" She wants to know if she can have something but I love her phrasing as it kind of captures my heart today. Can I want this? Is it okay, in an already ridiculously blessed life to want for more. And not from a place of malcontent or lack of gratitude....but from a place of understanding just how much my God loves me. He is the giver of all good gifts after all.

The thing is if I never get one more thing in this life I will be one of the most blessed and full people on the planet. I have so much more than I need, deserve, and even desire. Thanks for everything sweet Jesus~

Happy Birthday to me :)

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