Friday, May 14, 2010

toe in the water

No time like the present to get my blog up since the babes are growing all around me. I just need to start somewhere so here I am... Ta-da!

Emerson love is just nothing short of precious. Her observations about the world around her just make my heart swell. The other day we were driving and saw a man running on the sidewalk. Exercise running - not fear running. Emie, from her little booster-clad seat in the back pipes up, "He's running to get exercise. To make his body so strong and healthy. That's why we exercise. But cakes is really good, isn't it mama?" Were truer words ever spoken? I mean seriously - from the mouth of the almost five year old I was reminded that indeed life is full of contradictions. Exercise makes you strong and healthy but cake is really good. That about sums up weighing pros and cons in everything. I loved it.

Ainsley is as tender as the day is long yet strong as a lion. She is mad for shoes. Any shoes. All shoes. As long as they're not her own. Whenever we're at someone else's house she finds her way to the mudroom or closet and starts pilfering the goods. Favorites are flip-flops and sandals. The girl loves anything to do with the sun which should be no surprise since she was made in California.

Just kicking this off with a few musings. I'll be back with more...

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